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[SVR] MadmartUK   created a new thread My puppy taking my nephew on flying lessons in the Banter forum
[SVR] GraveDiggerHi guys im of for a week on holyday cya in a bit!
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[THD] Cat666   Have a great time G!
[DTR] Raptoruk   Enjoy and rest mate, have a cracker
[SVR] MadmartUK   hope you have a whale of a time
[DTR] RaptorukA special Happy Birthday to Cat, hope she is feeling better and has a great time today xxx
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[SVR] GraveDigger   have a great day Cat and get better soon!
[SVR] Lady   happy birthday cat sorry its late x
[THD] Cat666   Thanks all. I had a really good day with a nice surprise! :)
[DTR] Raptoruk
Star Trek: Discovery | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Something is found lurking at the edge of Federation space, ...
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[DTR] Raptoruk
'Boba Fett' combat helmet tested by special forces
SAS SOLDIERS are trying out "Star Wars"-style bulletproof helmets in the war against terror. The hi-tech gear - dubbed the "Boba Fett helmet" after the hit movie's infamous bounty ...
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[DTR] Raptoruk   Banned they said they were a 35 yr old female from life is feudal, after checking up no such person exists
[SVR] MrFox   created a new thread A bit of post processing software called Reshade in the Recommendations forum
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[SVR] MrFoxI notice some of you want this game on steam and some have it, for £8.99 it looks ok. pvp with pve elements, factions, ai and missions. looks like stalker MP. what do you think?
Next Day Survival - New Survival Game
Support me on Patreon ...
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[DTR] Raptoruk   enjoyed watching that thanks, we will await your feedback m8
risky as that may be lol
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[SVR] KnighttimeFinally released, madmax/world of tanks mix with custom built vehicles, free to play!
Crossout on Steam
Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles! F...
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